Will Usher


Will is a full time coach and has been coaching multisport for 20 years now and over this time as both a coach and athlete he has had the good fortune to work with and learn from some legendary coaches. The lessons learnt he has implemented into his coaching guiding over 150 athletes to Great Britain Age Group success with numerous Top 10, podiums and champions across the whole range of ITU World, European, IRONMAN and Challenge Family races along the way.
Will has had further success with the team he created in October 2010, ONE Triathlon RDS which more recently has been re-branded into Precision Race Team. The team is largely made up of top 1-5% Age Group athletes with well over 100 Great Britain Age Group international athletes as well as several World and European medalists.
The team was awarded Runner Up at the 220 Team of the Year awards 2013 and then in 2014 won the title. Will too was awarded Runner Up Coach of the Year at the same awards ceremony and then again in 2016.